Healthcare Information Technology Connectivity

Health Information Exchange

Adopting Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) does not automatically translate to better outcomes. Better outcomes are achieved by exchanging and using health information to inform clinical decisions at the point of care. And sharing patient data demands interoperability and Health Information Exchange (HIE).

An increasing number of health systems, hospitals and physician practices are already proving that the exchange of patient health information is enhancing care in their local communities. The growth of HIE is also being accelerated by the financial incentives available in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. In fact, almost a third of the 2011 meaningful use objectives outlined for Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems require HIE capabilities.


RelayHealth is a neutral partner in an open network environment, offering connectivity services and integration among all organizations. RelayHealth's intelligent network integrates with McKesson's physician practice solutions, enabling hospitals to streamline clinical, financial and administrative communication between patients, providers, payors, pharmacies and financial institutions in their community. These solutions improve clinical communication, accelerate care delivery and drive cash collection.

RelayHealth’s connectivity offering includes:

  • Online consultation of physicians by patients
  • Electronic prescribing
  • Point-of-service pharmacy claims resolution by payors
  • Pre-visit patient financial clearance by providers
  • Post-visit provider bill settlement by payors and patients
  • Health information exchange (HIE)

Unlock the Full Potential

The RelayHealth Connectivity Solution is a comprehensive, Web-based platform that links numerous health systems, reference laboratories, pharmacies, payors and physicians across the country. This platform successfully processes billions of clinical and financial transactions annually to improve cash flow, reduce cost, enhance patient outcomes, boost productivity and increase physician and patient satisfaction.

By linking together caregivers and data sources, this healthcare information technology platform empowers everyone in the healthcare continuum to deliver more impactful care and facilitates faster, more effective data exchange. This translates into more informed decisions that drive better outcomes and reduce errors.


The benefits of the RelayHealth Connectivity Solution extend across your healthcare community:

  • Positions your health system on the leading edge of healthcare information exchange technology
  • Creates physician preference for your health system through user-friendly connectivity
  • Helps meet the interoperability criteria with state or federal mandates outlined in the HITECH Act
  • Offers secure, efficient, web-based information delivery that will not disrupt your current IT infrastructure
  • Provides access to clinical information and tools that facilitate the collaboration of patient care between your health system and physician practices
  • Empowers patients to become more active in their healthcare decisions through access to clinical and financial information

By providing innovative clinical and financial connectivity solutions, RelayHealth enables access and exchange of actionable health information when and where it is needed - in local communities, across the state, regionally or throughout the nation. For more information please visit