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9 Compelling Trends Driving Healthcare Analytics

How can healthcare leaders develop and sustain the organizational behaviors needed to thrive in today’s market? Creating a culture of data-driven decision-making is a great place to start. When coupled with reliable data, healthcare analytics can provide a foundation of transparency and informed accountability that can drive productive change. Read about nine trends that reveal how enhancing your business intelligence can help you deliver sustainable results.

The Right Call Center Makes the Difference

From nurse advice, triage, disease management programs and post discharge follow up to pre-admission education, appointment scheduling, referrals, and billing/collections, McKesson BPS Call Center Services will enable your health system or physician organization to answer virtually any patient inquiry within a minute or less. Watch how the having the right people in your call center can help you improve patient satisfaction.

Deploying a Hospital Emergency Department Information System in a Value-Based Care Environment

Hospitals are experiencing unprecedented change as the nation’s healthcare system undergoes a paradigm shift toward the delivery of value-based care. Renewed focus is being placed on integrating value-based reimbursement models, improving patient satisfaction scores, preventing readmissions and aligning with population health objectives. In the face of all this change, hospitals must critically evaluate how their Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) supports these strategies as well the day-to-day workflow needs of the ER.

ICD-10-CM Implementation – Are you ready?

October 1 is less than a month away. Use this check list to be sure you're ready

Home Health and Hospice Organizations are Racing Toward the ICD-10 Deadline. Are You Ready?

Check your agency’s progress against Gold Coast Home Health & Hospice, the subject of this relevant and timely case study from McKesson. You’ll learn how the organization is working to minimize productivity loss during the changeover by:

  • Relying on input from a cross-departmental team
  • Reaching out to physicians with education and positive feedback
  • Utilizing dual-coding capabilities in McKesson Homecare™ for test cases
  • Motivating the team and celebrating success
  • So how is your organization stacking up? Find out when you download this case study.

Predictive Analytics for Capacity Planning: All Forecasts Are Not Created Equal

If your goal is to reduce operating expenses by transforming how you allocate staff and resources, you need to understand the full spectrum of forecasting power that it will take — and discern the difference between vendor claims and reality. This guide will show you what to look for.

Intelligent Worklist and Business Rules Help Improve Imaging Efficiency Over Multiple Facilities and PACS

Like much of healthcare, the business of radiology is continuously being challenged to search for ways to define their value in an ACO model. Finding the balance between volume-based, efficient care and the desire to be more involved in the patient care team can be difficult. As the demand to be more efficient increases, so does competition. While financial pressures grow, radiologists are challenged to manage complex workflows while expectations of service quality and quick turnaround times grow. To survive, imaging organizations need to focus on both care and efficiency. Imaging will have to be managed in its entirety, including quality, communication and collaboration. With these trends, industry experts are foreseeing that radiologists will work in flexible, highly distributed environments that will require interactions among multiple clinical systems. Learn more by downloading our white paper.

Revenue Cycle Payment Clarity – What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It Can Help Your Bottom Line

The increasing prevalence of high-deductible health plans, evolving payment models and regulatory changes are leaving a growing number of patients liable for larger portions of their bills, and providers unsure about reimbursement.  In this environment, healthcare providers need payment clarity – visibility into when and how much they will be paid, by whom, and the ability to better navigate the many obstacles to payment. Read this book to discover opportunities for payment clarity throughout the revenue cycle.

13 Insights for Conquering Healthcare Challenges in 2015 from the Experts

Healthcare leaders face numerous challenges as they seek out ways to reduce costs while improving patient care. The industry is undergoing vast change, and many leaders feel the burden of determining how to best navigate transitions. In this eBook, 13 healthcare experts share their insight about a number of key areas, including:

  • Value-based Care
  • Cost of Ownership
  • Regulatory Challenges
  • Workflow Obstacles

The Evolving Enterprise Imaging Market

The evolution of radiology has come at a time when demands for quality and safety are reaching a crescendo. An integrated informatics strategy is critical to supporting population health, patient safety, quality improvement and enhanced resource management. While healthcare IT solutions are increasingly robust, many organizations do not utilize the data they aggregate to its fullest potential - yet.
In this radiology e-book, The Evolving Enterprise Imaging Market, you will learn how:

  • Analyzing data enabled one organization to implement point-of-service clinical decision support
  • Energizing healthcare IT departments is changing the way care is delivered in the military
  • Empowering physicians and reducing strain on infrastructure costs is possible with mobile technology
  • Utilizing next generation analytics will help with dose management in the future and more.