Improving Operational Performance

Solving operational performance issues is the field of patient demand and capacity planning experts, McKesson New Zealand. McKesson New Zealand has developed McKesson Capacity Planner™ (formerly CapPlan) predictive analytics to accurately match resources with patient demand for services while enabling staff to deliver excellent standards of patient care.

Capacity planning improves operational performance in your hospital.

There is a serious shortage of skilled medical staff and large funding limitations combined with growing populations, urban density, increasing numbers of elderly, pandemics and childhood obesity.

So, are you prepared?

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Latest News

McKesson Announces Intent to Acquire Emendo

6 November 2012

McKesson Announces Intent to Acquire Emendo Ltd., a Leader in Patient Demand Forecasting Too...

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McKesson Capacity Planner Features in CDHB CEO Update

20 July 2012

Technology to track patient occupancy, predict demand, and plan nurse rosters is an invaluable tool for the Nurses Operation Centre (NOC) at Christchurch Hospital...

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Waikato DHB Capacity Planning Award

10 May 2012

A Waikato Hospital project looking at delivery and capacity planning within the hospital, has been deemed so effective, it has won an award at tonight’s ...

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