Capacity and Workforce Management

A Patient Tracking System with Real-time Visibility into Status from Admission To Discharge

McKesson Performance Visibility™ is a broadcast clinical communication system that tracks real-time patient status from throughout their stay. It uses visual controls to improve patient flow, staff productivity and care quality by exposing care delays and helping teams see at a glance what they need to do next. This patient tracking system aggregates real-time data from across your enterprise, including

doctor looking at enterprise view
Enterprise views in the physicians lounge enable physicians to see quickly where their patients are located and whether any of them are off of their units so they can round efficiently.
  • EHR
  • ADT
  • Ancillary services
  • Environmental services
  • Transport services

Relevant information is translated into time-stamped, color-coded icons that are displayed on geospatial maps of your hospital's floor plan. These displays are then broadcast on a network of large-screen electronic boards at nursing stations, in physician lounges and in the executive suite. Clinicians can quickly identify patients with critical lab results, new orders or pending events.

McKesson Performance Visibility Can Help Your Organization

  • Increase staff efficiency and effectiveness by helping caregivers see at a glance what they need to do next
  • Optimize patient flow by reducing wait times
  • Improve patient safety and care quality
  • Drive real-time process compliance by telling clinicians whether they are carrying out required protocols within required time limits
  • Reduce hospital length of stay by synchronizing care coordination, improving flow and driving discharge compliance

Unlike bed management systems or departmental tracking boards, the McKesson Performance Visibility patient tracking system gives the people most able to optimize patient flow a view into the many processes that can delay clinical decisions and care delivery. In this way, it helps organizations solve enterprise-wide problems that can only be resolved by giving everyone involved in the care process real-time visibility into patient status and location.

Key Features of McKesson Performance Visibility

Deceptively Simple Transparency

Sophisticated use of vector graphics, including color, animation and timers, enables a wealth of discrete information to be imparted for a single patient (or patient room) to a broad range of people.

  • By stacking layers of data, each with a particular meaning, vital information can be communicated clearly and intuitively
  • Custom views between units such as ED, ICU and PACU help everyone not only understand what's happening now but what is expected to happen and when (e.g., potential discharges and transfers)
Female inpatient in Room 271 has been in cardiac cath lab for 1hr 44min and is expected to be discharged on Saturday
Quality Compliance

McKesson Performance Visibility supports quality compliance by:

  • Communicating risks to prevent hospital-acquired conditions
  • Broadcasting infection control precautions and requirements
  • Identifying conditions to monitor and providing a control dashboard
  • Reminding and alerting when a task is due
  • Documenting and enforcing safety protocol compliance
At-a-glance information for four patients in adjacent rooms: Timers count the amount of time since two stat orders were placed, elapsed time since a blood product order became available and a core measure process step that should have been completed.
Support for Reducing Readmissions

Our patient tracking system supports your preventable readmissions program by helping to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of patients who are:

  • Potentially at risk for readmission within 30 days of discharge
  • Possible actual 30-day readmissions from a previous stay
Case managers, discharge planners and other stakeholders can pull up custom views of potential and possible readmissions system-wide to ensure these patients are managed appropriately.
Monitoring Short-stay and Observation Patients

Under the Medicare "Two Midnight Rule," the length of stay for patients under observation must be monitored especially closely.

  • McKesson Performance Visibility can help increase awareness of observation patients and also drive desired physician behavior
  • Patients admitted under observation are automatically identified on all displays with a teal-colored room and a timer that counts up to the designated time when a decision to admit, discharge or transfer is due
  • Case managers can readily identify enterprise-wide observation patients by physician, length of stay, unit, payer and target discharge date
Visibility into observation status helps reduce payment denials by driving proactive decisions based on clinical appropriateness.
Mobility for Environmental Services (EVS) and Transport Workers

McKesson Performance Visibility helps speed bed turns by up to 20 minutes, in part by reducing non-productive EVS time spent trying to identify where to go next.

  • Clinicians can quickly see the status of each dirty room, including elapsed time for cleanings in progress, and infer when each room will be available without phone calls
  • From their mobile device, EVS staff can log the start and finish of each assignment. They can also see their next assignment or even self-schedule based on their location
  • Transparency increases accountability and gives staff members more autonomy to better manage their day
McKesson Performance Visibility mobile apps for EVS (left) and transport (right) help eliminate downtime waiting for the next assignment.