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Journey from Volume to Value Further Along than You Might Think Three Ways to Stay in Step with Value-based Reimbursement A First Step on the Journey to Improving the Patient Experience
A recent ORC International survey findings reveal that the healthcare industry is well along the journey towards full-value-based payment. More about the ORC International survey findings. Discover how meaninful data is becoming. Watch a video to see how the right remote patient access solution improves patients' experiences as well as hospital and health system effectiveness.





On the journey to value-based health, you must take action and McKesson can help you accelerate your progress.

Your path, your pace.

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Learn how efficient use of resources is imperative and the proactive key is a new strategic approach: Integrated Capacity Management. Optimize your Revenue Cycle Management with these 6 Priorities: For a quick visual summary of the 6 key priorities for hospital revenue cycle optimization, view our infographic. Get the latest updates on news, blog posts and more.