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  We offer the resources, expertise, technology and innovation to help you accelerate your progressin these areas:

  •    Financial management
  •    Connectivity
  •    Data & Analytics
  •    Value-based Health



Don't miss the Focus Group Analytics-driven Denials Prevention

Moderated by McKesson thought leaders: Carmen Sessoms and Debbi Bottomley

Preventing claim denials and their financial impact is a critical objective; as many as 1 in 5 claims are delayed or denied for clinical or financial reasons. Claim denials represent a significant financial drain, ultimately costing healthcare organizations by shaving critical margin off of already-stretched net revenue streams. The right approach to denial prevention can significantly impact the costs associated with denials. This session will discuss using technology for operational efficiencies in streamlining processes leading to reduced denials and increased/accelerated revenues.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017; 9:45-10:45 EST
Focus Group Room 330A

Marrying the EHR and Imaging Strategy; How do you build a collaborative relationship?

Session Moderators:
Scott Galbari, VP, Marketing & Portfolio, McKesson
Tomer Levy, GM, Workflow & Infrastructure, McKesson
Tuesday, Feb. 21 from 4-5 p.m.

Bringing Rx Benefit and Price Transparency Into the EHR

Session Moderator:
Beth Kaye, Senior Director, Product Management, Connected Care & Analytics, RelayHealth Pharmacy

Tuesday, Feb. 21 from 12-1:30 p.m.

Revenue Cycle Solutions Summit:

Building an Analytics Culture in the Revenue Cycle

Presented by Jason Williams, Vice President, Business Analytics
Sunday, February 19, 2017
9:15 AM - 9:45 AM

Orlando Ballroom
Many healthcare providers are turning to analytics to improve patient outcomes while navigating dramatic changes in the healthcare revenue model.  The evidence is mounting that insights gained from analytics can lead to significant improvements. The challenge is building a culture that embraces data-driven insights. The reason many revenue cycle leaders don't fully leverage data can ironically be traced in large part to a culture that is acutely focused on operations success. The incentive to execute day-to- day activities often trumps investing time and resources on the "possibilities" of analysis. Establishing an analytics-driven culture requires commitment, technology and follow through. This session will build a case for and explore recommendations for making data-driven decisions to help optimize the revenue cycle.



At HIMSS17, McKesson RelayHealth Financial will introduce Healthy Hospital, a new program designed to bring hospitals specific revenue cycle benchmark data and educational resources. Healthy Hospital measures the metrics that matter–allowing providers to compare revenue cycle performance with peers.

Healthy Hospital uses provider-supplied data to gauge performance in eight key performance indicators covering:

  • Reimbursement
  • Claim Quality
  • Payment Velocity
  • Productivity/Quality

Providers simply enter their data, and receive a health rating, which can be used to target process improvements.
Stop by booth 3479 at HIMSS 17 to learn more!

McKesson Products at HIMSS17

Imaging & Workflow Solutions

Enterprise and departmental imaging solutions designed with interoperability and vendor neutrality in mind to store, manage and move data where it's needed when it's needed most.

  •   Conserus Image Repository
  •    Conserus™ Enterprise Viewer and Conserus™ Enterprise Viewer Mobile
  •    Conserus Imaging Fellow 
  •    Conserus Workflow Intelligence
  •    McKesson Radiology
  •    McKesson Cardiology

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Connected Care & Analytics

  •    McKesson Homecare
  •    McKesson Hospice
  •    McKesson Home Health Connect
  •    McKesson Performance Visibility
  •    McKesson Capacity Planner
  •    ANSOS One-Staff
  •    Executive Capacity Management Dashboard

Enterprise Information Solutions

Transform your business with dynamic software, sourcing solutions and IT services.

  •    Paragon® - certified EHR
  •    OneContent™ - content management system
  •    McKesson Strategic Supply Sourcing™
  •    Managed Hosting Services
  •    Disaster Recovery Services
  •    Managed IT Outsourcing
  •    mLab

McKesson Health Solutions

  •    InterQual Auto Review
  •    InterQual Connect
  •    Acuity for Patient Access
  •    HealthQx® Analytics as a Service,


McKesson Ventures

McKesson has a long history of innovation and excellence within health care dating back to 1833 when it created the first national drug distribution system in the United States. Throughout McKesson's history, we've made strategic investments in disruptive companies and technologies across all facets of health care – from clinical diagnostics to patient portals to medical imaging. Our deep experience in maximizing value from strategic investments gives us a complete understanding of how to scale innovation in health care.

McKesson Ventures is the venture capital arm of McKesson Corporation specializing in early and growth stage companies. More Than:

At McKesson Ventures we help innovators build and scale businesses that will lead to a more navigable, effective and efficient health care delivery system. We partner with companies that are driving and enabling positive change for key stakeholders on all sides of the health care economy. At McKesson, we know what it takes to succeed in health care, and McKesson Ventures is taking this expertise and vision to support leading health care startup and emerging technology companies through our strategic venture fund.

Learn more at HIMSS17 in McKesson Booth #3479