Your Path, Your Pace

In a changing world, how do you find your way?

In today's dynamic world of healthcare, a more collaborative, interconnected system is emerging — and the business of healthcare is growing more dependent on patient outcomes. To navigate this change and achieve sustainable success, you are asking big questions that require bold answers.

How can I reduce costs and improve profitability? What’s needed to unlock health data for more informed decision making? How can I accelerate progress with my quality and performance improvement initiatives? What capabilities and resources are required to succeed under value-based care and risk-based contracts?

Of course, the answers vary with your organization’s strategy, goals, local market and pace of change, making your journey to value-based care your own. However, most organizations can’t do this alone. At McKesson Technology Solutions (MTS), we help you focus ahead with the resources, expertise and technology needed to succeed – while you define your path and your pace. 

Your Path

While navigating the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care is not simple or easy, the solutions, technology and expertise are available to manage the mix of reimbursement models. Straddling the old system while stepping boldly into the new world of value will help you achieve the goal of delivering better care to patients and aid in reducing the cost of care for all of us. Regardless of whether you are a provider, payer or organization where the lines have blurred, we have solutions to help you manage what’s ahead and succeed on your path to value-based care. 

Ready to take action?

Build a healthy business 
As more and more organizations face consolidation, dwindling revenues and tighter-than-ever margins, survival is based on efficient and effective management of your business to achieve better healthcare outcomes at lower costs. We offer products and services that enable you to engage more meaningfully with patients, share mission-critical data, optimize processes and workflows, and staff with just-in-time accuracy.

Connect and coordinate 
In order to drive quality and operational efficiencies, you must connect all of the pieces and parts. This requires moving data and information among payers, physician groups, hospitals, health systems, patients, labs and pharmacies. We help you make this happen, facilitating the coordination of care, driving physician alignment and reducing administrative complexity.

Continuously improve outcomes 
To meet today’s rising demand for more effective care, you need a clear picture of how well you are doing clinically, financially and operationally. With advanced business insight and healthcare analytics solutions, we help you optimize the use of your resources, improve performance, reduce costly variation in patient care delivery to achieve optimal quality outcomes, and protect and grow the lines of business that are profitable for you.

Manage risk 
As you transform your operational model from volume to value, you need solutions to manage the risk associated with defined populations, enable payer-provider transparency and streamline ever more complex financial transactions. We offer all the tools and competencies to help you decrease risk and drive success with the new mix of value-based approaches – from ACO services to population management, risk management, payer-provider collaboration and financial management, including network management and utilization management.

Your Pace

As the industry increasingly moves toward value-based care, now is the time to accelerate, not detour, and that takes confidence and innovation. We offer technology – as well as the skillset, expertise and processes – to put you on a faster track to reducing costs and improving profitability, enabling connectivity, incorporating analytics and ultimately achieving value-based health.

Ready to accelerate?

Financial Management
As financial transactions become increasingly complex and the cost of managing populations continues to rise, you need to find ways to streamline these transactions and manage the mix of value-based and fee-for-service reimbursement models. With solutions to automate processes and workflows and support clinical and financial decisions, we help your organization gain efficiencies, reduce costs and improve profitability. 

Person-centered interoperability is essential to our industry’s health reform transformation because data is driving success in value-based arrangements. We’ve taken the lead in connecting healthcare as the national service provider for the CommonWell Health Alliance® and with vendor-neutral solutions such as Conserus™ that provide the high level of interoperability needed to access information from other systems including EHRs. As information becomes readily available when and where it’s needed, your organization can facilitate care coordination, drive physician alignment, reduce administrative complexity and engage patients in their care to ultimately accomplish better population health.

Data & Analytics
To optimize performance and quality, it’s critical to apply rigorous analytic methods to the decisions you make regarding clinical approaches, patients, markets, workflows, operations and even business models. By bringing clarity to your clinical, financial and operational decisions, we help your organization experience results that include better margins through improved patient throughput, cost savings from reducing lengths of stay and increases in revenue from pay-for-performance programs.

Value-based Health
Ultimately, reimbursement will be based on your ability to achieve the highest quality outcomes. With the right tools, the right data platform and the right services to take you where you need to go, we not only help you manage what’s ahead but also equip you to accelerate your pace on the path to value-based health.


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