It's time to focus ahead for value-based health

For our industry, it's no longer a question of "if" or even "when." The shift from volume to value is in full swing, and the pace of change is rapid.

While the destination of value-based health is crystal clear, how to get there – and how fast – is not. Is your organization ready to succeed? If not, what capabilities do you need to get there?

The Advisory Board rates your ability to minimize unwarranted clinical variation as one of the top success factors in the transition from volume to value. To survive and prosper, you need to find a way to minimize this variation to achieve better healthcare outcomes at lower costs. While your journey is your own, there are actions you can take on your path to continuously improve results.

We invite you to read our new e-book: 15 Insights to Managing Quality Outcomes. Learn from industry experts and read what they suggest in the areas of analytics, workflow, value-based models and usability as you focus on improving healthcare outcomes.

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